Discover the wonders of Portugal

A wide range of day trips to choose from…

Coimbra, situated on the Mondego river, owes its position as the intellectual centre of Portugal to its university, the oldest in Portugal. It has a marvellous, historical lower town. The fourth city of Portugal, Coimbra is about 45 minutes by car from Casa do Rio.

Viseu is right in the wine area of the Dão. It is a town with a certain aristocratic elegance to it, with beautiful narrow shopping streets and fine restaurants.
Viseu is about 40 minutes by car from Casa do Rio.

Piodão is undoubtedly one of the prettiest villages in Portugal. In 1978, it was classified a Monument of General Interest, which rendered its villagescape officially protected. The houses are made of slate, which is the typical building material of the Serra do Açor. Various walking tours in the Serra do Açor start in Piodão.
From Casa do Rio you drive through a breathtakingly beautiful landscape to Piodão in just under one hour.

Serra do Açor
The splendid mountains of the Serra do Açor are to the west of the extensive area of the Serra da Estrela. Unlike this highest range of Portugal, which mainly consists of granite, the Serra do Açor consists of slate. Not surprisingly, both the walls and the roofs of the houses in the villages and settlements in the area have from times immemorial been made of slate. The vegetation is rich in trees and includes majestic Spanish chestnut trees, oaks, pine trees, eucalypts and a smaller number of olive trees. Among the shrubs, the predominant species are heather, rosemary, broom and the common gorse. There is always a sufficient amount of water coming down from the mountains through myriads of brooks and rivulets.

Serra da Estrela
Serra da Estrela is the largest mountain range of Portugal. It also lends its name to one of Portugal’s national parks. It is the home of the highest mountain in Portugal, the Torre, with a summit at 6,538 feet (1,993m). Many rivers, including the Alva and the Mondego, have their source in the Serra da Estrela.
It takes about one hour to drive through the mountain range from Casa do Rio to the Torre.

The beach of Figuera da Foz, for instance, is at 60 minutes from Casa do Rio. The sandy Figuera beach is long and wide. There are all sorts of nice places and good restaurants. And why not have a go at the Casino?

Sport activities
The Praia Fluvial (beach) of Secarias is practically at our doorstep, brushed by the Rio Alva flowing by, where you can swim and canoe. The water is of good quality and is inspected by the authorities every year. Casa do Rio is in a forested, mountainous area, ideal for hiking, mountain biking and paragliding.
Near Viseu, you can play golf (40 minutes by car), and in winter the skiing conditions in the vicinity of the Torre are excellent.

Or simply having nothing on your hands at all…
Relax on our terraces, while reading a book or enjoying the sunshine with, if you wish, a glass of sparkling champagne or delicious wine. We have various Portuguese wines and champagnes in our wine assortment, some of which have been directly obtained from the Quintas (wine houses). We would be pleased to open a fine bottle of wine for you, at your request.

We can also arrange a massage for you by appointment.

Dining out
At easy walking distance from Casa do Rio, there are three traditional Portuguese restaurants. So there is no need to drive back to your apartment after a lovely dinner. Being gourmets ourselves, we can always recommend good restaurants nearby. In summer, the bars along the river are open.
Many celebrations in Portugal take place in July and August, so in these months you can expect and take part in all kinds of festivities.

Table d’hôte
In the event of sufficient interest, we can prepare a table d’hôte.

Culinary trips
In the early and late season (olive picking, grape picking), we organize culinary workshops that take several days. It would be our pleasure to inform you of the possibilities.

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